Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Thunderhawk Conversion

The Thunderhawk Conversion started off as a conversation between me and a customer on how easy it would be to make one.

One thing led to another and before we knew it we had the following bits to make one:

2x Storm Raven Gunships
4x Landraider Terminus Ultra Conversion Kits
1x Sheet of plastic card
1x Biro pen
1x Till Roll


  1. Looks pretty good. Whats the cost comparison with all those kits? Ill try and snag a picture one day, our shop has one built of plasticard from imperial armor scale measurements for about $100 in plasticard etc.

  2. Hey ShotDownMind,

    Thanks for the comment, it cost approx £123.00 to build but i have quite a few bits left off the sprues so they will get reused on another project.

    Red Jester

  3. any chance we could get some more photos? to show scale? and from some different angles? have u managed to paint this yet?

    1. Should be more pics appearing soon for this. I will make sure i put some models infront for a scale shot.

  4. thanks man that would be great!

    im thinking of building my own, but am wondering if the storm raven has enough hull width, and wether i should widen the hull by about 0.5-1 inch? it will take allota work but its suposed to hold 30 marines isnt it!


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