Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bloodbowl Halfling

This is a another work in progress shot of a Bloodbowl Halfling. This little chap is part of my team that i have been putting together for a tournament later in the year.

BB Halfling

Night Goblin

This is work in prgress shot of a Night Goblin that i have been working on just for a bit of fun.

Night Goblin

Monday, 30 March 2009

New Painting Area

This is my new painting area which i am very happy with, lots of natural light and a new rack to hold my paints on. Now to paint some things other than the walls.

Old Model Pics

Some old model pics i found whilest having a little tidy up. It always intersting to look at early paintjobs so you can see how far you have progressed. Hope you enjoy.

Mullet Mullet the Barbarian

Ukko Ukko

Nazrot Nazrot, part of the old Kaptin Badruks Flashgitz

At last... it begins...

I'm pleased to annouce that this blog is now going to be updated on a regular basis and i should have a few pictures of recent works up soon, thanks for your Patience.