Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Blog Update

Hi all, its been a while with little to no content put up. It's amazing just how quickly time fly's bye. This year has been a challenge on the hobby front and although I have done a few things, I have not had time to get anything near what I would like completed. This in turn has meant the blog has suffered for which I am sorry as this was never the intention but life happens!

The good news is that with the coming of a new year I should have a little spare time and would like to post a lot more frequently about what I am up to in the world of Building, Painting & Collecting miniature models.

With that I shall leave you with a little sneak peak of whats been on the work bench this last week.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Junk Ratz

This time I have a small diorama entitled Junk Ratz.

It was done as a bit of fun after someone kindly gave me the Blood Angel Chaplain model.

I have changed the wings from the original so they look like he is gliding also the mace was swapped out for an axe.

Hope you like it, I had a great time building and painting it.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Bad Fairy

Here's a model I painted for my partners birthday and i really enjoyed working on it, especially the base.   

 It's a Freebooter miniature and has great character although I did struggle with some great of the finer details as they are very small ( this could just be e getting old though! ) 

    The shells on the base where collected while on holiday together so that added a nice personal touch to the piece. 

 Hope you like and will post another soon.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Black goblin diorama

Hello again, just a quick update to show you a diorama I made recently from a stormcast eternal blista pack and a few bits I had laying around.

It was great fun building this little piece and the goblin was made to fit on top of the gryph hound.
I will take some more pictures from different angles but for now these are the only ones I have as its on display at my local GW store.

Age of Sigmar Orruk force

Hello again, here is my latest project that Im working on and it's an Age of Sigmar destruction force of Orruks.

I have spent the last few days assembling and undercoating and today is the first day of painting.

Her is my first test piece before adding a wash.

I was very happy with this resulting in a believable, natural Orc skin and not the bright green you sometimes see.

So next, on with the painting!

Maw krusha

Lovely sunny weather here in blighty so I have been doing the only thing any hobbyist would... lock themselves in a room and glue models together. 

I have been working on a few GW kits in their new Orruk range for age of sigmar (If you haven't tried it I suggest you do as its actually really quite good). 

I then did get outside and put a bit of primer on them so from left to right we have and Orruk Megaboss, the Maw-Krusha and a Shaman. Can't wait to get started on these. Just as a side note is it just me or does spraying grey plastic with grey primer seem weird?

Till the next time. (Phil)

Triples Show Stash

So as promised here is the follow up to the Triples review I posted showing all my loot.
As I stated in the last post I enjoyed being able to actually look at and talk to the majority of traders for once instead of the push and shove, anyway enjoy the loot.

Some Frostgrave figures and a some horse and a Dixon Miniatures cart driver for an old west model I have.

A Persian tent and a 15mm Hittite chariot both from Magister Millitum that I was missing for my DBA army.

Old west Zombie Cowboys from Wargames Foundry.

Some dodgy builders also from Foundry.

Black Scorpion do some lovely figures if a little big, but I will put them on a thinner base so they fit in with the rest. These are the cowgirls 1 set.

Also from Black Scorpion, The old west terrors.

This reminds me so much of the old school Games Workshop trolls that I had to pick him up. Another Foundry figure.

Some Frostgrave spell cards which were like rocking horse shit to find, think I got the last pack in the whole show. I few Foundry triads and a MDF storage box (from Dark Ops) to keep them in free of Carl, thanks pal.

And finally I picked up a starter box for Infinity. This is a game I have heard good things about for quite sometime so I grabbed it while I had some spare cash. 

So looking back at what I picked up I suppose I have quite an eclectic mix of models and gaming periods, but as they say variety is the spice of life, thanks for looking. (Phil)