Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Goblin Army

Here is a WIP shot of a Goblin Spider rider from GW. More to come.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Galadriel work in progress shot

One of the models i am working on at the moment is Galadriel Queen of the wood elves.

Commission Prices

28mm Standard / Display

Foot/Crew figure £10 / £20
Character figure £25 / £50
Bike/Cavalry £20 / £40

What you get:


•Castings are cleaned up.
•Figures are primed with a black / white / grey undercoat.
•Figures receive a base colour with at least 2 highlights.
•All figures receive one coat of varnish.


•Castings are cleaned up.
•Figures are primed with a black / white / grey undercoat.
•Figures receive a base colour with at least 3 highlights.
•Faces and cloth are rendered more realistically.
•Double the time taken on every aspect to create a neater more realistic look to your models
•All figures receive eyes.
•All figures receive two coats of varnish.

All prices reflect time and skill involved in producing artwork.

Basing prices (per base)

28mm : £1

This includes: Sand/ballast highlighted, small rocks static grass or grass tufts.

Postage and packing:

Flat rate for UK and overseas of 10% minimum £5
All packages sent via 'Recorded Delivery' within the UK and via 'Airsure' for overseas.

Please Contact Me for more details on any of the above or for an individual quote on another piece, or for different scales.

Friday, 9 October 2009

New content will be arriving soon.

Once again i apologise for the lack of updates for the last few months. As stated in the last post i have been busy with a new job and now a house move is on the cards.

I hope to be able to post some new pics soon as i have been able to sneak a model in every now and again. Just to wet the appetite here is a figure i have been working on.

GD 2009
The Games Day 2009 Chaos Hero Model