Friday, 19 November 2010

Basing Storage

I found these little spice rack holders on a recent trip to IKEA and immediately thought of putting some of my basing contents in them.

Basing mats

New Studio

Hey guys, as promised here are some pics of the new Studio. I can't wait to get painting again now :)

Some of my more frequently used paints in a homemade storage system.

The new GW Paintstation, i have just picked this up and thought i would give it a try.

A new lighting system with a daylight light strip in, makes your colours appear how they should. I highly recommend these lights.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Blood Bowl

Time for another update. I have just got a new painting studio set up, pics to come. So i will be able to get on with the commissions i have (thanks for your patience guys).

In the meantime i have been playing Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on the PC and its an excellent game, very close to the tabletop game. Highly recommended.

Anyhow as said before i will gets some new pics uploaded soon and then start posting more frequently again.